Commit to learning for all

You already have all you need to achieve high levels of learning

The passion and dedication shared by the educators in your building is your place of strength from which to grow. When you establish the right processes and best practices to harness this strength, you achieve amazing results. This is the heart of Priority Schools in a PLC at Work®. By committing to this difficult and rewarding work of school improvement, you will rise to meet five specific challenges central to success.

Free White Paper: At the Heart of Literacy Instruction

Leverage the Power of PLCs to:

  1. Create a culture of success
  2. Engage in the right work
  3. Shift from all to each
  4. Develop leadership for learning
  5. Engage students in owning their learning

As Dr. Sharon V. Kramer writes in her book, School Improvement for All, “School improvement is possible no matter the school’s size; students’ demographics, poverty levels, and achievement levels; or the amount of resources the staff and students have.” You can do this.

Ready to start the meaningful work that will make all the difference for each student you serve? Take the first step by claiming your free copy of Rising to the Challenges of School Improvement for All, a must-read white paper by Dr. Kramer.

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