Forward FundED Program

Ensure years of growth with one investment

Did you know there is a time limit to allocate your ESSER II/III funds? As of November 2022, billions of dollars in ESSER II and ESSER III funds remain on the table for schools and districts to spend on qualified resources and professional development. Planning may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

Simplify your ESSER fund planning, beat designation deadlines, and advance toward your school goals with a new opportunity from Solution Tree. With one designated investment in Forward FundED, our subscription-based PD model, you can easily beat the September 2023 and 2024 deadlines for ESSER II and ESSER III and be confident that your dollars will support continuous school improvement for years to come—even after ESSER designation deadlines!

One price point provides:

  • Systematic, research-based professional development to fit your needs
  • Ongoing progress monitoring and support to keep you focused on key goals
  • Administrative support to ensure your investment dollars are working for you

Forward FundED is the smart investment to make with your ESSER funds. Our program simplifies your designation decisions while giving you access to a wide array of resources and services in whichever plan you choose.

Here’s what else makes Forward FundED unique:

  • Locked-in pricing on all resources and services for the duration of your plan
  • Comprehensive PD and administrative support so you can focus on results
  • Accounting assistance that provides the highest level of accountability and reporting on your behalf
  • Fidelity to the end goal of embedding the work into your school culture

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