Forward FundED Program
Meet your school improvement
goals year after year

Your ticket to building shared knowledge, skills, and processes for teachers and administrators and meeting your school improvement goals year after year.

Whether you’re interested in attending the Summit on PLC at Work®, exploring RTI at Work™ Coaching Academy or discussing solutions at scale for your small school — we can help build shared knowledge, skills, and processes for improved teacher and administrator outcomes.

Forward FundED™ is a subscription-based professional development program that delivers the resources, on-site support, and embedded learning opportunities your teachers and administrators need to build a solid foundation for student success.

One price point provides:

  • A needs assessment to determine the strengths and opportunities on your campus
  • Ongoing, customized, research-based training from trusted experts in Professional Learning Communities at Work®, Response to Intervention at Work™, the Assessment Collaborative, Transforming School Culture, Mathematics at Work™, and more
  • Progress monitoring to keep you focused on priority goals for your schools
  • Strategies for developing and retaining quality teachers aligned with your mission
  • Embedded coaching and high-touch support to build on your results year after year

Why is Forward FundED a smart choice for education leadership?

One investment supports long-term school improvement goals, simplifying your spending. Plus, our subscription-based professional development model meets the requirements of federal funding programs like Title I, Title II, ESSER II, and ESSER III. You can easily meet funding deadlines while gaining access to:

  • Professional development workshops for teachers and administrators
  • Registrations for key events
  • On-site, job-embedded coaching
  • Books written by education's top leaders
  • Just-in-time support with Global PD Teams and Avanti, our two online platforms for personal and team professional learning

How the Arkansas Department of Education ignited statewide success with Solution Tree

Nearly 100 Arkansas public schools partnered with Solution Tree as part of a statewide Professional Learning Communities at Work project. Data show that participating schools experienced

  • 31% less COVID-related learning loss.
  • Drastically improved student outcomes
  • Reduced teacher turnover
  • Resolved behavioral issues

What does this mean for you? Now you can seize this opportunity to partner with Solution Tree and realize your own high levels of success.

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