Leadership For High Reliability Schools
Presented by Philip B. Warrick

This webinar will review the concept of high reliability leadership and offer a look into a systemic approach to school leadership that can serve any school. In essence, this work establishes a union of two very profound and effective concepts: the PLC at Work® process and the High Reliability Schools™ (HRS) framework and is based on the book Leading a High Reliability School by Robert J. Marzano, Richard DuFour, Cameron L. Rains, and Philip B. Warrick.

The key to successful school improvement is to establish and sustain the right work and give people a chance to get good at it. This also provides school- and district-level leaders an opportunity to get better at leading these initiatives and to establish strong teacher leadership within their systems. Ultimately, the High Reliability Schools framework puts a clear emphasis on systems of operations.

This approach to school leadership establishes the concept of defined autonomy within a district and creates the tight and loose relationship that helps all leaders understand the top-down versus bottom-up continuum for school-improvement initiatives.

This system of leadership also establishes an information loop that helps campus-level leaders continually monitor critical aspects of their school’s operation. Through this monitoring, school leaders can recognize opportunities to celebrate and replicate continued successes or take immediate action to correct errors before they become system failures.

Participants will:

  • Understand how the High Reliability Schools framework and the professional learning communities concept work hand-in-hand to create a powerful school-improvement model
  • Learn the concepts of leading indicators and lagging indicators and how they help establish the concept of defined autonomy for district- and school-level leaders
  • Understand the concept of quick data as a tool for ongoing monitoring of critical systems of operation within a school


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