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Within many schools there is a clash of values—four distinct types of educators come to work each day with opposing belief systems and goals. Anthony Muhammad’s Transforming School Culture approach identifies how to unify these groups and champion positive change schoolwide.

  • Believers are teachers committed to the learning of each student and operate under the assumption that their efforts can make an enormous difference in that learning.
  • Tweeners are staff members who are typically new to a school and are attempting to learn its prevailing culture.
  • Survivors are the small group of teachers who are burned out—so overwhelmed by the profession’s demands that they merely survive from day to day.
  • Fundamentalists are staff members who are not only opposed to change but organize to resist and thwart any change initiative.

“When students are nurtured in a culture where educators believe in their potential to do the extraordinary and work together to achieve this end, all students can be successful.”

—Anthony Muhammad

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