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Empower teams to become engines of continuous improvement

Coaching collaborative teams around improving their PLC practices is the best way to improve our schools. To support leaders and coaches in this important work, experts Thomas W. Many, Michael J. Maffoni, Susan K. Sparks, and Tesha Ferriby Thomas developed a coaching framework centered on three key concepts:

  • Clarity
    Clarity allows teams to be more precise in their understanding of the why, how, and what of the PLC process.
  • Feedback
    Teams that regularly receive focused and effective feedback have a more accurate understanding of where they are, where they need to be, and what they need to do to improve their practice.
  • Support
    Collaborative teams thrive when clarity and feedback become the basis for specific support.
“We’ve seen that when teams are coached, schools get better, teachers feel a greater sense of efficacy, and student achievement improves.”
—Thomas W. Many

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