Suddenly Online: Anytime, Anywhere Learning (edWeb)

Presented by Dr. Casey Reason

The goal of this edWebinar is to provide participants with the tools necessary to be prepared to facilitate high levels of learning at a distance. While most of us have been suddenly forced to work in virtual spaces, and we long for a day when we can go back to normal, it’s highly likely that many of the elements of this forced shift will stay with us forever. Let’s learn, grow, and adjust to achieve our best results.

In this edWebinar, viewers will gain an understanding of:

  • Key terminology: Define and be able to use and apply the following terms: asynchronous learning, cyber synchronous learning, and blended learning.
  • Setting up your space: Understand and begin to synthesize and apply the various approaches to setting up a fully or partially digital learning environment.
  • Strong starts: Learn about the key approaches to strong introductions to digital learning as a mechanism for both engaging the learning capacity and setting up a positive class culture.
  • Engaging instruction, assessments and interventions: The fundamentals of engaging instruction, assessment, and intervention in a digital learning environment will be introduced and application illustrations will be provided.
  • Student connections and class culture: Learn about the potential challenges of student-to-student and student-to-teacher communications and embrace strategies for ensuring a safe, productive and positive digital classroom culture.

This recorded edWebinar will be of interest to K-12 teachers as well as school and district leaders.



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