Strength in Numbers: Social-Emotional Learning & Math

Featuring Alex Kajitani


Without strong social and emotional skills, students can really struggle in math class. From approaching word problems with self-confidence and determination to embracing their mistakes with a growth mindset, building strong Social-Emotional Learning skills is a critical component to helping students achieve in math. This session explores six overarching Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) skills and provides teachers with immediately implementable, high-leverage strategies to help students achieve in math by being able to:

  • Identify and manage emotions
  • Recognize sources of stress and cope with challenges
  • Maintain positive motivation and perseverance
  • Build relationships and communicate effectively
  • Develop self-awareness and sense of identity
  • Think critically and creatively

Viewers will leave with fresh ideas and proven strategies that can be used to get students excited and achieving in math class.



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