COVID-19 Challenge: We Must Improve Assessment and Grading Practices (edWeb Webinar)

Presented by Matt Townsley and Nathan Wear


The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged schools to question their assessment practices and grading policies. Are students retaining and applying the concepts and skills of the standards? What can be evidence of their learning? How do we motivate students to invest and monitor their own learning? What grading practices make the learning meaningful? Is what we are doing fair and equitable? This edWebinar examines how schools can answer these questions and more.

Viewers will connect standards-based principles with effective PLC strategies to enhance and improve assessment and grading practices. This work comes from Making Grades Matter: Standards-Based Grading in a Secondary PLC at Work® and features authors Matt Townsley, Ed.D. and Nathan Wear.

This recorded edWebinar will be of interest to teachers, instructional coaches, curriculum leaders, and school and district leaders of all middle school, high school, and higher education levels.



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