Using the PLC at Work Process to Guide Effective, Systematic Intervention (edWebinar)

Featuring Mike Mattos

How does your school respond when students don’t learn? Compelling evidence shows that Response to Intervention (RTI) successfully engages school staff in a collective process to provide every child with the additional time and support they need to learn at high levels. Yet, at many schools, this potential lies dormant, buried under layers of state regulations, district protocols, misguided priorities, and traditional school practices misaligned with the essential elements of RTI.

The goal of this edWebinar is to show how the PLC at Work® process creates the larger schoolwide framework required to implement a highly effective Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). Viewers learn:

  • Three common mistakes schools and districts make when implementing RTI/MTSS
  • Two key actions that teacher teams can take at Tier 1 that will improve initial instruction and prepare for targeted, effective Tier 2 interventions

For any PreK-12 educator, school, and/or district looking to close achievement gaps, this is a must-see edWebinar.



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