Unite your school staff to create positive change

While educators may share a passion for their craft and a calling to impact students’ lives, they also enter a school with a diverse array of personal beliefs and life experiences. With so many external and internal forces at play, it may seem impossible to unite everyone in a common vision of learning for all.

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Get to the heart of what matters quickly and effectively with the school culture learning path in Global PD Teams.

The school culture learning path will help collaborative teams:

  • Understand the behaviors and motivation of colleagues
  • Discover a road map for overcoming staff division
  • Reflect on the school’s culture and climate
  • Embrace positive change

School and district administrators will also find quality content to engage in meaningful team-oriented professional development at the leadership level so they can:

  • Recognize the conditions that make cultural transformation difficult
  • Apply transformational leaders’ strategies for improving school culture and climate
  • Foster a collective sense of purpose among teachers, administrators, and students
  • Develop a systematic and schoolwide focus on continuous improvement and quality learning
I believe that if school leaders holistically understand the most important variables in unhealthy learning environments and arm themselves with strategies to uproot and replace the toxic elements, then they can be successful at creating healthy learning environments in their schools.
—Dr. Anthony Muhammad

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