Getting Started with Gathering Student Voice (edWebinar)

Presented by Leigh Colburn and Linda Beggs


Schools often overlook the greatest vehicle for positively transforming school culture: student voice. “If my teachers and school really knew me, they would know . . .”

Watch this edWebinar to learn how gathering and listening to student voice better prepares schools to engage students, strengthen relationships, and develop a culture of hope. Viewers learn the value of five processes for gathering student voice:

  • Conversation circles
  • Off-track interviews
  • Student voice needs assessment
  • Legacy and graduation stories
  • Focused conversations on student-identified barriers

Viewers also hear how gathering student voice yields valuable qualitative and quantitative content capable of increasing the effectiveness of schools.

This recorded edWebinar is of interest to K–12 educators, especially counselors, social workers, graduation coaches, and school and district leaders.



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