Create a thriving, learning-centered school culture

Developed by world-renowned education expert and speaker Dr. Anthony Muhammad, the Transforming School Culture approach will help you overcome staff division and cultivate a supportive, equitable learning environment that encourages student growth, development, and success.

Why Transforming School Culture?

Within many schools there is a clash of values—four distinct types of educators come to work each day with opposing belief systems and goals. Anthony Muhammad’s Transforming School Culture approach identifies how to unify these groups and champion positive change schoolwide.

In order to transform a toxic school culture into a healthy one, it is essential that you understand and influence change within your community of educators, whether they are rooted in the status quo or ready to make massive changes. Dr. Muhammad’s approach identifies the root causes of staff resistance and provides immediate, accessible strategies for continous improvement.

“When students are nurtured in a culture where educators believe in their potential to do the extraordinary and work together to achieve this end, all students can be successful.”
Dr. Anthony Muhammad


To begin your Transforming School Culture journey, you have choices. Whether you take advantage of our books and videos or attend an upcoming school culture workshop or institute, the possibilities for growth are within your grasp.

  • GAIN an understanding of school culture and its impact on school performance and student achievement.
  • DEVELOP action steps that will bring out the best in your school.
  • ENHANCE communication between teachers and school leaders.
  • ALIGN your organizational philosophy and create a shared mission and vision.

Bring an expert to your school

To maximize your impact, bring in a Transforming School Culture expert and work together to create a safe, productive learning environment for your students and staff. With services that range from one day to multiple days, you will acquire strategies and insights to power your entire team to build a positive school culture. Make a commitment to school improvement today to ensure your students succeed tomorrow.

Transforming School Culture

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