Saving Democracy with Civil Discourse edWeb Webinar

Presented by Tom Driscoll, CEO of EdTechTeacher, instructor, speaker, and author; and Shawn W. McCusker, educator, author, and director of Professional Learning for Digital Promise.

The ultimate goal of democracy is for people to resolve differences and make decisions peacefully. Teaching students to frame discussions in healthy ways has never been more important. This edWebinar helps you take on this challenge by looking at research-based strategies for classroom dialogues, discussions, and debates. The presenters explore questions such as:

  • Is a debate—which asks students to confront classmates and change their beliefs in order to win—teaching the right civic skills and dispositions?
  • What if the point is just to understand each other better?
  • Is there value if classroom dialogues remove oppositional thinking?
  • How do we learn to value our differences?

View this session to:

  • Examine the differences between classroom dialogues, discussions, and debates and discuss the relationships and interactions they create
  • Engage in a full dialogue model that focuses on understanding, finding nuance, and eliminating ambiguity
  • Explore models and how to apply them to revise, rework, and rebuild challenging classroom discussions


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