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Wellness Solutions for Educators™ How do you avoid the emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion—not to mention anxiety and even burnout—that seem to lurk within every school season? Wellness Solutions for Educators is designed to help you and your staff achieve a positive, prolonged state of professional well-being and drive student performance.

In collaboration with Timothy D. Kanold, Tina H. Boogren, and other leading experts in educator wellness, Global PD Teams offers unlimited access to professional learning videos and eBooks that will engage you in all the elements of the Wellness Solutions for Educators Framework.

Sharon Kramer I want every teacher, every educator, to be empowered, confident, and find joy in their daily work life.
—Timothy D. Kanold
Tina Boogren My hope is that educators (re)discover their why and their worth in order to bring their very best selves to work each day—for their students, their colleagues, and for themselves.
—Tina H. Boogren

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