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Develop a powerful system of assessment

The Assessment Collaborative On-Site Professional Learning


Receive personalized support and guidance  carefully designed to optimize learning for teachers, coaches, and administrators as you implement purposeful assessment that fosters student engagement and increases instructional agility.

Build, deepen, and sustain your skills with experts such as Cassandra Erkens, Tom Schimmer, and Nicole Dimich.

Start improving your assessments with this white paper from assessment experts Cassandra Erkens, Tom Schimmer, and Nicole Dimich.

The Basics: One-Day Services

One-Day Services
Your school or district is ready to start building expertise with professional development from Assessment Collaborative.

Educators will explore the need for change in assessment practices and develop a clear vision for internal assessment practices.


Go Further: Two- to Four-Day Services

Two- to Four-Day Services
You need specialized professional learning services from Assessment Collaborative to deepen your expertise.

Explore the loose and tight structures of collaborative common assessments.


Ensure that your grading systems are accurate, fair, specific, and timely.


This on-site engagement equips educators with practical tools to design rich, authentic learning experiences that encourage wonder, inquiry, and creative development rather than simply compliance and “right” answers.



Maximize student self-efficacy and growth by providing high-quality feedback students can act on. Empower teachers to evolve their role and learn how to coach every student to success every day.



Learn how to increase the achievement, agency, and investment of every learner with student self-assessment.



Embrace a modern approach to grading and reporting. By developing a standards-based mindset, you and your team will discover how a seamless relationship between the formative and summative purposes of assessment will maximize the success of every learner.



Develop a culture of learning where students are engaged and invested in their own success.



Make the shift to next-generation learning and assessment, and design meaningful, relevant skill assessment and instruction that promote student mastery of critical competencies.


Sustain: Multi-Day Services

Multi-Day Services
You're a high-functioning team looking to sustain your expertise, leadership, and achievement with The Assessment Collaborative.

Prepare leaders and teachers to understand and implement the practices necessary to create a learning-rich culture through systematic assessment.




Teams will create a unified and sustainable approach to school improvement and student learning. Ensure school and district leaders can become assessment leaders.



Discover how to embrace formative and summative assessment practices as individuals or collaborative teams to identify and unwrap priority standards, develop learning progressions, and plan daily instruction that supports student growth and inspires learning.



A coach with firsthand assessment experience will help individual educators as well as teams reflect on their current assessment practices and procedures and then take the necessary steps to make targeted improvements that result in increased student achievement.



Share your vision of assessment with us, and we’ll design a learning experience tailor-made to your challenges and goals. Our assessment experts are available for both on-site and virtual training, ensuring both teams and individuals get the support they need in the learning format that works best for them.



Support the work of your collaborative teams to develop assessments that are innovative, effective, and engaging. Among the many digital resources available in Global PD Teams, you’ll find the Common Formative Assessment video playlist and mini-course, which are both highly effective tools for building shared knowledge and learning.



Build capacity over a yearlong series of professional development sessions for creating and supporting effective assessment practices.

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