The Metacognitive Student

How to Teach Academic, Social, and Emotional Intelligence in Every Content Area

Presented by Richard K. Cohen

Today, many K–12 students are dealing with more academic, social, and emotional stressors than ever before. Students of all ages are becoming more and more dependent upon adults to calm their emotions, complete challenging academic tasks, and resolve social conflicts that arise each day. There is just not enough time for the adults at school to help every child in need.

View this edWebinar to see how one simple, evidence-based, metacognitive strategy develops every student into an autonomous critical thinker and problem solver across academic content areas and social and emotional contexts. With just an eye-dropper dose of the metacognitive strategy called “Structured SELf-Questioning” sprinkled into already-existing daily routines, classroom management systems, and every academic state standards-aligned curriculum, student outcomes and independence dramatically increase. You also see video examples of preschoolers being aware of and managing their emotions. Learn a practical way to engage all K–12 students in self-directed learning and take away ideas and reproducibles for practical applications in your classroom tomorrow to develop your students as the CEOs of their own brains, emotions, and learning.


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