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On-site professional learning

Bring high-quality, research-based mathematics professional development to your school or district. Our Mathematics at Work experts and professional development workshops/seminars will help you establish a "reflect, refine, and act" formative learning process for students, teachers, and mathematics education leaders. Establish strategies for assessment, intervention, homework, and lesson designs that ensure every student can learn mathematics.

Build, deepen, and sustain your skills with experts such as Timothy D. Kanold, Mona Toncheff, Sarah Schuhl, Jessica Kanold-McIntyre, Bill Barnes, and Matthew R. Larson.

The Basics: One-Day Services

One-Day Services
Your school or district is ready to start building expertise with Mathematics at Work professional development.

Teachers, teams, and leaders reflect upon and refine mathematics assessments and learn how to strengthen Tier 2 mathematics RTI programs based on a five-criteria model.

Explore the elements of effective lesson design and discover how to utilize balanced rigor, discourse, and technology to teach each mathematics content standard during core instruction.

Receive custom guidance for developing best practices for homework, and implement research-based grading processes that provide meaningful formative feedback to students.

Develop highly effective mathematics teams committed to high levels of student learning.

Go Further: Two- to Four-Day Services

Two-to-Four-Day Services
You need specialized professional learning services to continue deepening your expertise with Mathematics at Work.

Based on your district’s specific needs and challenges, one of our Mathematics at Work™ associates will visit your district multiple times throughout the year to develop your staff’s foundational knowledge and increase their expertise around topics of your choice.

Proactively address mathematics learning gaps by revising existing mathematics unit plans.

Sustain: Multi-Day Services

Multi-Day Services
You’re a high-functioning team looking to sustain your expertise, leadership, and achievement through Mathematics at Work.

Partner with a Solution Tree mathematics expert for an in-depth customized professional development experience. A Mathematics at Work™ associate will visit your school site every other month (5–9 visits total) to provide teachers of mathematics with goals-oriented training dedicated to topics of your choice.

Share your vision of assessment with us, and we’ll design a learning experience tailor-made to your challenges and goals. Our assessment experts are available for both on-site and virtual training, ensuring both teams and individuals get the support they need in the learning format that works best for them.

Global PD Teams is your one-stop digital resource for professional learning by renowned experts in preK–12 education, including Timothy D. Kanold, Sarah Schuhl, and Mona Toncheff. A wide selection of online videos and learning tools will help you establish a "reflect, refine, and act" formative learning process for students, teachers, and mathematics education leaders.


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