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Build deep content knowledge
in K-12 literacy

On-site professional learning for educators

Ignite the passion for reading and writing in your students. You can count on our literacy experts, authors, and teaching resources to help you meet your state’s standards for literacy and integrate academic reading comprehension and language development across all content areas. We’ll bring the most effective literacy teaching strategies to your school or district to ensure all students succeed.

Build, deepen, and sustain your skills with experts such as Kathy Tuchman Glass, Angela Peery, and Kathy Perez.

The Basics: One-Day Services

One-Day Services
Your team is ready to start building your expertise with literacy professional development.

Support students in reaching desired learning outcomes in areas of literacy, particularly writing.


Increase the effectiveness of reading instruction by understanding how literacy develops.


Reinvigorate literacy teaching and learning in secondary ELA classrooms by implementing authentic reading and writing practices.



Go Further: Two- to Four-Day Services

Two- to Four-Day Services
You need specialized services to deepen your expertise in literacy.



Promote deep understanding by helping readers absorb information in a text—recognizing assumptions, background knowledge, and biases.


Explore the standards specific to vocabulary, and gain ideas for curriculum and instruction to ensure students develop word-solving skills.


Discover how to effectively use challenging texts at all grade levels, and ensure students acquire close reading skills.


Ensure all learners become successful close readers of complex texts.


Acquire a toolkit for scaffolding instruction for all students, and learn how to design a customized intervention plan for your classroom, school, or district.


Transform literacy teaching and learning by integrating maker projects for elementary classrooms.


Support all students in expanding academic vocabulary with targeted, brief, daily lessons.


Teachers and administrators learn how to utilize students’ personal interests, stories, and motivations as primary sources for authentic literacy learning—promoting choice, interest, and motivation.

Sustain: Multi-Day Services

Multi-Day Services
You’re a high-functioning team looking to sustain your expertise for literacy.

Learn to strengthen and extend your inventory of instructional practices and develop various assessments around reading, writing, speaking, and listening across content areas.


Through this highly personalized service, team members will learn how to improve student results in reading and writing with expert guidance. Your coach will draw on firsthand experience as well as the experience of other successful schools to help staff execute proven best practices in lesson design, instruction, and assessment.


Tackle your students’ literacy challenges head-on with the support of an expert coach. Teachers at every grade level will receive individualized suggestions for refining their lessons and incorporating instructional best practices. Through this guidance, staff will gain the know-how to help all students master the reading and writing skills required for college and career success.


Develop an effective instructional coaching model for all coaches to work with dual-language and bilingual educators, even when they don't speak the language of instruction.


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