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When a school or district functions as a professional learning community (PLC), educators within the organization embrace high levels of learning for all students. They work collaboratively for continuous improvement, using data to guide their efforts. The educators within a PLC know that their work is an ongoing process involving collective inquiry and action research to achieve better results for the students they serve.

With the help of a certified associate, your staff will learn practical strategies for implementing and sustaining the PLC at Work® process in your school. There’s never been a better time to do this work.

Build, deepen, and sustain your skills with experts such as Tim Brown, Robert Eaker, Janel Keating, Mike Mattos, Anthony Muhammad, and Regina Stephens Owens.

The Basics: One-Day Services

One-Day Services
Your school or district is ready to focus on PLC at Work and start building your expertise.

Gain an understanding of the PLC at Work process, including the three big ideas of a PLC—focus on student learning, focus on collaboration, and focus on results.

Learn step-by-step actions on how to specifically enhance family and community involvement and engagement through the frameworks and culture of professional learning communities directly resulting in enhanced student achievement.

Learn how the key practices in the PLC at Work process can be used to build student ownership, motivation, and efficacy. Leaving every student convinced that they are capable, confident learners can significantly impact their future success in both school and the workplace.

Learn how to explicitly structure the work of collaborative teams to increase efficiency, efficacy, and student achievement.

Gain an understanding of PLC at Work for career and technical education teams.

Move your staff from working in isolation to committing to a collective urgency by building the foundation for an effective, interdependent professional learning community.

Understand the operational stages of building a districtwide culture of learning based on the PLC at Work process.

Take a deep dive into Question 4 of the PLC process and leave with strategies, protocols, and tools that can be incorporated into future units of study.

Go Further: Two- to Four-Day

Two- to Four-Day Services
You are ready to deepen your expertise in your journey with PLC at Work.

Learn the key factors and practices to help create a true collaborative culture in your school or district. Establishing a collaborative culture can significantly impact student achievement and professional practice.

Answer “What is it we want our students to learn?”, the first of the four critical questions of the PLC at Work process. How can teacher teams properly identify these priorities?

Discover how singletons utilize their strengths, organize their resources, and enact significant lasting change to ensure learning for all.

Learn the actionable steps necessary to develop and lead a highly effective school culture through persistence, evidence-based decisions, communication, and trusting relationships.

Examine the ways your school and district can better use student achievement data and nonacademic student data to identify areas for improvement.

Receive an unbiased observation of your school’s PLC implementation and effectiveness.

This two-day overview will be with key central office and building personnel who will make up the guiding coalition.

Discover how your collaborative team can personalize learning to ignite all learners and address the fourth critical question of a PLC.

Learn how administrators, team leaders, and instructional coaches effectively support teams as they implement actions guided by the four critical questions.

Increase your capacity to successfully coach collaborative teams using a framework of clarity, feedback, and support to implement PLC at Work best practices.

Discover what your school community can do to answer the fourth critical question of the professional learning community process.

With expert support, your school leadership team will learn essential next steps for deepening collaboration schoolwide.

Gain a framework and specific tools you can use to keep both views in focus by gathering and analyzing relevant evidence and responding accordingly to ensure continuous refinement and growth.

Immerse your team in professional coaching sessions that focus on literacy assessment and student learning across all academic disciplines.

Learn about the four types of teams and develop practices and tools for working together to foster a districtwide culture of continuous improvement.

Learn to successfully employ the PLC at Work process to effect change in urban schools. Take advantage of templates and action steps you can use to create a culture of collaboration in your school by maximizing time, ensuring success of teams, and coaching those teams.

Sustain: Multi-Day Services

Multi-Day Services
You are ready to deepen your expertise in your journey with PLC at Work.

Create a district guiding coalition. With guidance from an expert who understands your school or district needs, your stakeholders will become PLC at Work leaders. We'll walk you through the process of establishing the four pillars in your school: developing a shared mission, vision, collective commitments, and goals.

Gain specific strategies and processes your literacy teams can put into practice immediately to significantly increase achievement levels for all learners.

Engage in a powerful professional learning project designed specifically for district leadership teams and their unique challenges. Partner with our experts to put systems and processes in place to ensure equity and high levels of learning for all students.

Rely on our embedded coaching services to help you ingrain key PLC practices in the culture of your school or district. With help from our experts, both school leaders and staff will learn how to operate as a high-performing PLC and build their collective capacity for continuous improvement.

Get focused and productive support for whatever challenges you face. This high-touch professional learning service is available exclusively for principals and district administrators looking to address critical issues. By meeting with coaches for ten online sessions throughout the school year, participants gain access to ongoing counsel from experienced coaches.

Our professional learning team will listen to your specific challenges and work with you to create a custom learning plan designed to meet your school or district's needs.

Discover playlists featuring must-see videos focused on the PLC at Work process, plus a Learning by Doing mini-course that’s sure to benefit your collaborative teams.

A comprehensive series of consulting and professional development engagements designed to prepare school, district, and teacher leaders to build a PLC that provides life-changing learning to students.


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