Priority Schools in a PLC at Work®


Priority Schools in a PLC at Work®


Build deep content knowledge of the Priority Schools in a PLC at Work® process

On-site professional learning

Sustainable school improvement starts with teachers and administrators collectively focused on bringing all students to higher levels of learning. Our experts have proven success with the unique challenges of underperforming schools and can help quickly and dramatically improve your results—no matter your school’s size, demographics, poverty levels, or current achievement levels.

Our customized professional learning services are designed to get your school to where you want it to be. We'll work with you, your school, and your team.

Build, deepen, and sustain your skills with experts led by Sharon V. Kramer.

The Basics: One-Day Services

One-Day Services
Your team is ready to focus on PLC at Work® and start building your expertise.

An expert author or Priority Schools in a certified Priority Schools in a PLC at Work associate will present key ideas for transforming culture and structures that support a learning-focused culture.

Go Further: Two- to Four-Day Services

Two- to Four-Day Services
You are ready to deepen your expertise in your journey with Priority Schools in a PLC at Work.

Develop a clear path to continuous improvement as teachers and administrators discover how to work together as teams of leaders. Create systematic processes and implement best practices that ensure the learning of every student.

Sustain: Multi-Day Services

Multi-Day Services
The following components of this multi-day service are customized based on your needs and your budget.

Implement systemic change in your school by charting a course focused on increasing student learning. This service examines current practices to significantly improve student achievement.

Solidify goals, benchmarks, and timelines for the project with this project planning day.

Execute PLC strategies and confront challenges head-on with expert coaching. Our trusted PLC coaches will support you and your staff through every phase of implementation and monitor progress along the way to ensure you hit key benchmarks as you work to achieve sustainable success.

Work with our team to assess the specific needs of your school or district, then receive customized training in the content area that will help your students and educators succeed.

Address learning gaps as a team working side by side with an expert coach.

Engage with your essential standards and learning targets to create unit plans using the School Improvement for All framework.

Schools with a significant deficit in one or more areas require targeted support from Solution Tree coaches in partnership with district- and building-level leaders. The number of days needed is dependent on the overall plan that is created and the number of schools participating and is an essential component of a successful plan.


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