Belonging and Bias: Theory and Practice


Presented by Hedreich Nichols

Join author Hedreich Nichols to examine the cognitive processes we use to draw a circle around our “in groups,” and learn to mitigate any negative fallout that may impact our practice as educators. While learning about the brain science behind belonging, you will explore a few of more than 180 cognitive biases. This webinar will equip you to use this knowledge to look closely at personal connections and trends that impact student and staff relationships.

In part two of the webinar, Belonging: Practice, you will learn and practice five explicit strategies to combat implicit bias and create a more inclusive environment for students and staff.

This webinar will help you:

  • Understand the science behind bias and its influence on the decision-making process
  • Employ diverse strategies to recognize and mitigate personal bias
  • Explore resources for augmenting diverse representation at the classroom, campus, and district levels
  • Choose and evaluate two to three "blind spots" to work on for immediate impact


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