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Behavior management schoolwide and in every classroom

Meet the challenges of classroom management with the most up-to-date professional development in the industry today.

We face unprecedented times in education, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that educators need new classroom management skills and behavior management training.

Based on the acclaimed work of John Hannigan and Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan and endorsed by best-selling education author Mike Mattos, Behavior Solutions professional learning will help provide you with insights into student behavior and help you build a classroom management plan that will drive academic success.

Tier 1 Evidence-Based Classroom Practices: 4 Cs

T1 Evidence-Based Classroom Practices: 4 Cs

Behavior Solutions is built on the RTI at Work™ and PLC at Work® process and has been taught to schools across the country with documented success. With guidance from this tried-and-tested, research-backed framework, you can discover a path to establishing systematic tiers of behavioral supports in schools and classrooms.

Increase attendance.
Improve academic performance.
Increase the number of appropriate student behaviors.
Establish a positive and calm environment.
Reduce the number of behavioral disruptions, referrals, and incident reports.

Whatever approach you use to meet the social-emotional needs of your students, the Behavior Solutions framework will integrate seamlessly into your current classroom management ideas whether you use Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports or any other system.

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