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Receive practical strategies for bringing STEM education into every classroom with “Bridging the Gap”, a free white paper from author and educator Jason McKenna.

In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, it’s more important than ever to have a sound foundation in STEM.

By fostering an environment that nurtures innovation, critical thinking, and problem-solving, you empower your students to actively engage with and contribute to the technological advancements shaping our world.

Through this complimentary white paper, you will learn five practical action steps you can take to incorporate STEM into your classroom:

  1. Determine how to best fit STEM in your classroom 
  2. Introduce students to STEM role models and projects
  3. Provide authentic STEM connections
  4. Create a STEM-focused learning environment
  5. Build dedicated classroom space for exploration and iteration


Jason McKenna “I love STEM because it connects with the reason I became an educator: seeing students enthusiastic about and engaged with their learning. STEM brought my classroom to life, and it reignited my passion for teaching. STEM can do the same for you and your students.”

Jason McKenna, STEM expert and author of What STEM Can Do for Your Classroom


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