Leading a Culture of Reading: How to Engage and Inspire Readers in Your School Community

Presented by Lorraine Radice

Uncover why it’s important for educators to embrace the opportunities that establishing an authentic reading culture and routine offer, and explore the relationship between reading, achievement, and future-ready skills. In this webinar, Lorraine Radice will share authentic examples from classrooms and schools as well as resources that educators can immediately begin implementing in their classrooms.

Attendees will gain an understanding of how to involve multiple stakeholders in developing a celebratory reading culture in schools and discover reading engagement strategies and practices as well as lesson designs for relevant and joyful reading experiences for students.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn practical ways to cultivate a culture of reading in schools and classrooms.
  • Gain plans for how various stakeholders (students, teachers, administrators, caregivers, community members) can contribute to a child’s reading life.
  • Reflect on how celebrating reading as a social experience can build community and joy in schools and classrooms.

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