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When a school or district functions as a professional learning community (PLC), educators within the organization embrace high levels of learning for all students. They work collaboratively for continuous improvement, using data to guide their efforts. The educators within a PLC know that their work is an ongoing process involving collective inquiry and action research to achieve better results for the students they serve.

With the help of a certified associate, your staff will learn practical strategies for implementing and sustaining the PLC at Work® process in your school. There’s never been a better time to do this work.

  • BUILD collective capacity for continuous improvement.
  • CREATE clarity of purpose, common vision, and collective commitments.
  • ALIGN your resources and time to focus on results.
  • INCREASE student achievement and ensure learning for all.

PLC success you can see


Read how a school in Camden, Arkansas, achieved its highest-ever graduation rate, with 91% of students successfully completing their senior year, through the adoption of the PLC at Work process.

Discover customized PD services

Whether you are just getting started on your PLC journey or are well on your way, you can build, deepen, and sustain your practice with experts such as Tim Brown, Robert Eaker, Mike Mattos, Janel Keating, and Anthony Muhammad.

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An expert keynote speaker will engage your entire staff with inspirational stories, thought-provoking questions, and no-nonsense strategies to help your school’s PLC and collaborative climate thrive.

Gain an understanding of the PLC at Work process, including the three big ideas of a PLC: focus on student learning, focus on collaboration, and focus on results.

Move your staff from working in isolation to committing to a collective urgency to ensure learning for all. Work with an expert to build the foundation for an effective, interdependent professional learning community.

Understand the operational stages of building a districtwide culture of learning based on the PLC at Work process, and discover how leaders can inspire continuous improvement and establish a guaranteed and viable curriculum.

Dive deep into Question 4 of the PLC process—”What if some of the students already know it?”—and gain strategies, protocols, and tools that can be incorporated into future units of study.

Discover how to utilize your strengths, organize your resources, and enact significant lasting change to ensure learning for all. Explore authentic artifacts from small schools whose staff are working collaboratively within the PLC framework.

Participants will increase their capacity to successfully coach collaborative teams using a framework of clarity, feedback, and support to implement PLC at Work best practices.

This workshop will provide school leaders with a framework and specific tools they can use to focus on a wide angle view of schoolwide culture and practices, and a closer examination of the work of collaborative teams.

Ensure your school district is doing the right work, the right way, for the right reasons, by aligning the work of every PLC team districtwide—from the boardroom to the classroom.

Learn to successfully employ the PLC at Work process to effect change in urban schools. Gain templates and action steps you can use to create a culture of collaboration by maximizing time, ensuring success of teams, and coaching those teams.

Gain specific strategies and processes your literacy teams can put into practice immediately to significantly increase achievement levels for all learners.

Engage in a powerful professional learning project designed specifically for district leadership teams and their unique challenges. Partner with our experts to put systems and processes in place to ensure equity and high levels of learning for all students.

Rely on our embedded coaching services to help you ingrain key PLC practices in the culture of your school or district. School leaders and staff will learn how to operate as a high-performing PLC and build their collective capacity for continuous improvement.

This comprehensive series of consulting and professional development engagements is designed to prepare school, district, and teacher leaders to build a PLC that provides life-changing learning to students.

Our professional learning team will listen to your specific challenges and work with you to create a custom learning plan designed to meet the needs of your school or district.

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