Closing the Learning Gaps: Acceleration for ALL

By Sharon Kramer

Many articles, blogs, books, podcasts, and webinars have been written and shared for the purpose of reiterating the need to close student achievement gaps. And yet, the process and progress in closing the gaps has been out of reach. Closing achievement gaps is multi-faceted and requires specific actions focused on acceleration and leveling up strategies to grow student learning to grade level proficiency or beyond. Acceleration is the pathway to closing the achievement gap. It is not just for the academically able. We cannot continue to go backwards to move forward. You will discover how to erase inequities in student learning while building hope and confidence in both teachers and students. This is equity in action.

  • Understand the rational for shifting from remediation to an acceleration model for ALL students.
  • Examine the mind shifts that set acceleration in motion.
  • Explore practical level up strategies that work in all settings.
  • Build hope and confidence that shouts: I got this!

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